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Genomics Medicine

Comprehensive DNA analysis, comprehensive laboratory analysis, personalized health score and tracking, diet and nutrition, exercise and recovery, sleep optimization, wearable tracking, mindfulness, chronic disease prevention, longevity, peptides for health optimization, and more.

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About Peak Health

By cross-referencing a robust DNA analysis with biometrics, comprehensive blood work, epigenetic aging, and gut microbiome data, you will receive a blueprint of instructions for optimizing your human operating system. We can identify conditions that you are at risk for such as nutritional deficiencies, sleep disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, among many others and make recommendations to treat/reverse or prevent/delay their onset.

This comprehensive form of personalized medicine allows customization of your care plan. Using a layered approach to your lifestyle, based on your genetic makeup, we will optimize diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, stress reduction, chronic disease prevention, and longevity to help you maximize your health span (healthy life span) and fitness goals.

Our Team

Brooks Laselle, M.D.



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  • Unlimited near infrared sauna and BEMER-PEMF treatments
  • 35% off Luminosity light travel sessions
  • 10% off COR Regenerate and COR Body treatments
  • 10% off Nutrishop products
  • 10% off Spokane IV METHOD treatments
  • 20% off Bend & Stretch Physical Therapy services
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