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COR BODY offers the best body shaping treatment and is the first in the area to offer both muscle-sculpting and primitive reflex integration to strengthen the results. It is the only body-shaping procedure that provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session. Gain 25% More Muscle + Reduce Fat by 30%*.

EMSCULPT NEO® is the first and only non-invasive body-shaping procedure that uses FDA-approved frequency heating for fat reduction and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) for muscle strengthening and toning in a 30-minute session.

(*Results and patient experience may vary)

COR Body Services

COR Body


EmTone is a completely comfortable non-invasive approach to improving skin collagen and elastin.

COR Body


Emsella is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for incontinence caused by a weakened pelvic floor.


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  • 35% off Luminosity light travel sessions
  • 10% off COR Regenerate and COR Body treatments
  • 10% off Nutrishop products
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  • 20% off Bend & Stretch Physical Therapy services
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